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About us

Chitwan is fast developing as an educational city along with recognition as a commercial and medical hub. Definitely, there are many higher secondary schools and colleges in the district but choosing the right institution for higher study is a challenging task for SLC graduates. While seeking the right college, the students are advised to evaluate the profile of the teaching faculty involved, infrastructural development, teaching-learning environment, and methodology used. Gurukul College claims to be a distinct institution in terms of its infrastructure, qualitative human resources, and efficient leadership.
Located within the centrally accessible venue, Gurukul College aims to impart quality education at an affordable fee structure without compromising on its standard.

We feel immense pleasure to share the information with our students, guardians, and well-wishers that Chitwan Science College (CHISCOL) has been renamed Gurukul Higher Secondary School (Gurukul College). The new team has the mission to produce competent, creative, and innovative students who can easily get access to national and international universities. This team comprises qualified, energetic, and reputed academicians and lecturers from different parts of the nation with a proven record of success in the academic field for decades.
Gurukul College provides a well-disciplined, serene, and homely environment for teaching and learning activities. The college gives special emphasis on close interaction with students and teachers and encourages students to develop their full potential to pursue their careers like doctors, engineers, highly skilled technicians, managers, and qualified personnel in the country and abroad.

We provide counseling for higher study abroad on completion of the courses at the Higher Secondary Level. The classes are run in its own spacious building with a resourceful library, science laboratories, and computer lab through morning and day shifts. You are all welcome to our premises.


  • Gurukul College envisions being an institution committed to maintaining high education standards fostering and inspiring students for success by creating lifelong opportunities in diverse fields.

Gurukul College Aims:

  • To deliver international qualifications in Science and Non-Science related disciplines.
  • To reinforce the students' inherent potential for self-expression and overall development.
  • To foster a sense of integrity, universal brotherhood, self-discipline, regularity, and good etiquette in the students.
  • To develop a strong foundation for further technical education like medicine, engineering, biotechnology, forestry, agriculture, etc.
  • To provide conceptual education that develops high skills needed in practical fields viz. government, non-government offices, banking, insurance, industries, etc.


  • To deliver the international standard qualification in Science and Management.
  • To explore the students’ dormant potentialities for innovation, self-expression, and overall development.
  • To foster a sense of decency, cosmopolitanism, self-discipline, honesty, and good etiquette.
  • To provide conceptual education that meets the growing demands in practical application.

Our Specialties:

  • Pioneer in 10 + 2 Level, First Science College in Chitwan
  • Ace Faculty Members
  • Excellent Placement Record
  • Digital Class Rooms
  • Smart Attendance System
  • Well Equipped Laboratory
  • Atmospheric Garden
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Different Exposures Program for Students


  • Gurukul College is fully dedicated and committed to materializing its vision and mission and thereby helping the students find ways of success independently.


Gurukul offers bus services to Kawasoti to the Nawalpur, Parsa/Kholesimal to the east, Patihani to the south, Rampur- Meghauli to the west and Parbatipur to the mid west. The bus fares will be fixed as per route and their distance.

Gurukul Secondary School

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Bharatpur-9, Chitwan, Nepal
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